A new journal has its origin when new ideas arise.

Since the half of the last century the age that we are living is characterized by deep transformations: the processes of globalization, the crisis of the nation-State, the clash and the encounter of civilizations, the huge migration flows.

To these epochal changes has corresponded the emergence of new ideas, on the ground of which a multiplicity of disciplines tries to interpret the radicalness of the transformations: human rights, international constitutionalism, global justice, multiculturalism.

In particular the increasing process of encounter of civilizations and cultures issues an unavoidable challenge to the western knowledge and to its presumed centrality, setting the necessity of acknowledging the particularity of the western tradition and the importance of accepting the confrontation with the “otherness” without claiming a position of hierarchical superiority.

The philosophy of law faces these transformations and analyses the grounds of law with a multicultural perspective and undertakes this enterprise through a confrontation with other disciplines: political thought, cultural anthropology, international law, political philosophy, ethics and applied ethics, philosophy of international law, history of law.

The complex ties that have bound these civilizations become the symbolic expressions of the multiple relationships that connect the current civilizations and the plurality of their cultures.

The horizon of the philosophy of law assumed by the journal will be the privileged observatory and at the same time the laboratory where different ideas and perspectives will confront their interpretations of the complexity and multiformity of the current reality.

Scientific Direction: Alberto Artosi,Giorgio Bongiovanni, Gustavo Gozzi 

Editorial Coordinator: Luigi Sammartino

Editorial Board: Roberto Brigati,Francesco Cavinato,Riccardo Fornasari,Federico Fornasari,Annalisa Furia,Matteo Galletti, Diletta Giunchedi,Francesco Godano,Claudio Novelli,Giorgia Ottobre,Corrado Roversi,Michele Ubertone,Chiara Valentini,Annalisa Verza,Giorgio Volpe.